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PROWLER 28' Refit

PROWLER 28' Refit

PROWLER 28' Pictures Before PROWLER 28' Pictures Transformation
Pictures Before Pictures Transformation

This has been without a doubt one of the more fascinating jobs that Pantawee Marine Co., Ltd has been involved with over the years. Named Sea Wolf this boat was an original Prowler 28 built of wood in Miami, USA circa mid 1960s by the great and highly regarded boat-builder of his day Mr. Forest Johnson. The boat was shipped to Thailand by the original owners descendent but after launching and using in the Pattaya area for a while it became apparent that the integrity of both the wooden hull and deck structures had been seriously compromised by dry rot. Not surprising for a 40 year old wooden boat perhaps but the hull framing, stringers and planking timbers had all become so porous that the boat was flexing to the point of seriously losing its original shape while both in and out of the water. The boat was also taking on dangerously large quantities of water while underway posing an immediate safety concern for all on board so a tough decision lay ahead for the owner. One other discovery was the presence of termites in some of the timbers as well.

Many owners probably would have either sold the boat onto someone else to fix up or would have saved themselves a lot of cost and frustration by just scrapping it altogetherbut not this gentleman. The decision was made to return her to her former glory by using rot and insect resistant modern fiberglass and core materials rather than now very hard to find and expensive timbers. Most woods in Thailand are fairly hard and therefore also quite heavy anyway so are unsuitable for construction of a planing hull such as a Prowler 28 while the alternative softer woods are highly vulnerable to rot and insect attack so for a cost effective and relatively low maintenance fix it was boldly decided to transform the boat from wooden construction to a cored fiberglass vessel instead. A process not attempted by many other owners or yards that we are aware of.

Many would argue that this particular boat is no longer a true classic because it has been transformed into a fiberglass boat but we beg to differ that we have remained faithful to the original lines and beauty of the design over-all and anticipate that Sea Wolf will still be around many years from now to educate the next generation of boaters what the term classic lines really means!

Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites.

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